Wednesday, August 8, 2007


It's time to bring you some of the best Motown remixes out there. All 11 of these tracks are very well remixed, which is more than I can say about most remixes (alot of them are just the acapella of a song and some unrelated with a hint of the song track mashed together).

Well, anyways, this is a must-have album and not only keeps the original sound of each song intact, but respects the Funk Brothers' sound, too. A couple of my favorite remixes are "You Can't Hurry Love", "The Boss" and "You Keep Me Hangin' On". So grab it while its hott!!

Track List:
1 - You Can't Hurry Love (Readymade Re-Edit)
2 - You Keep Me Hangin' On (DJ Fumiya Remix)
3 - I'm Coming Out (Jazztronik Boogie Soul Edit)
4 - Baby Love (Halfby More Shambles Remix)
5 - Upside Down (I-Dep's Downside Up Mix
6 - The Boss (Sh Club Mix)
7 - Theme from Mahogany (Captain Funk Punky Nighty Mix)
8 - Stop! In the Name of Love (Low Jack Mix)
9 - I'm Still Waiting (Handsomeboy Technique Remix)
10 - I'm Comin' Out (Force Of Nature Remix)
11 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Frm's The Dancefloor Tension Is High Enough" Mix)

(The Remixers: Yasuhara Konishi, DJ Fumiya (Rip Slyme), Handsomeboy Technique, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Halfby, Low Jack Three, Force of Nature, I-dep, Captain Funk, GTS, Jazztronik)

Enjoy! :D


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